Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How To Mine Bitcoin? - ASIC Block Erupter

Hello all! I'd like to wish you a happy new year. I recently got my USB block erupter, and I'd like to share my experiences about it today.

As you can remember from my post, Cryptocoin Mining, hardware with powerful computing is needed to mine cryptocurrencies with a remarkable profit. I have mentioned ASIC block erupters, which can be connected via USB, and their high hashrate for mining. I made a quick research on eBay for block erupters, and saw that they are very popular. I joined one auction and won my block erupter at a price of 83 $. Yesterday I got it:

The block erupter is very easy to use. It has a nominal hashrate of 330 MH/s, operating at 2.5 W (500 mA) and 50 °C. In order to use it, you have to install the required drivers and use a proper miner. CGMiner and BFGMiner are the best for this purpose, with the latter being easier to use.
  1. Download CGMiner or BFGMiner.

  2. Download and install block erupter COM driver from here.

  3. Plug in the block erupter. Once you have properly installed the driver and your erupters are plugged in, they will appear in "Devices and Printers" on your computer. Make a note of what COM port the device is connected to.

  4. If you will use CGMiner, run cgminer-nongpu.exe instead of cgminer.exe. You can make a shortcut and add the following in the target box of the shortcut, which you can access by right-clicking the shortcut and selecting "Properties":

    cgminer-nogpu.exe -o [pool]:[port] -u [username_worker] -p [password] --icarus-options 115200:1:1 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S //./COM(X) -S //./COM(Y) -S //./COM(Z) etc.

    Here, COM(X), COM(Y), COM(Z) denotes the COM ports your erupters are using, which you made a note of in the previous step.

  5. Start CGMiner from the shortcut or the command line with the necessary options. You should be seeing the familiar screen of the miner if you make the configurations correctly.

  6. For BFGMiner, it is not required to put the COM ports section of the options in the target box. After creating a shortcut for BFGMiner, just add the following in the target box of the shortcut:

    -o [pool]:[port] -u [username_worker] -p [password] -G* -S all --icarus-options 115200:1:1 --icarus-timing 3.0=100

    * If not using a graphics card on the same machine

  7. Start BFGMiner from the shortcut or the command line with the necessary options. You should be seeing the familiar screen of the miner if you make the configurations correctly.
That's it. Just start mining your cryptocoins right now with your ASIC block erupter.

You can also join the pool of CEX.IO, which is GHash.IO, by directing your block erupter to their pool. You can get the directions for doing this on the pool's page. Of course, you need to open a free account on CEX.IO first.

It is important to note one last thing about the erupter: Which cryptocurrencies can you mine with it?

The answer is simple: You can only mine coins with SHA-256 algorithm with the erupter. These include Bitcoin, Peercoin, Namecoin and  some others. Unfortunately, you cannot mine coins with Scrypt algorithm with the erupter, so you will not be able to mine Litecoin, Feathercoin and others with Scrypt algorithm. You can get information on which coins have which algorithm and a nice profit calculater on Cryptocoin Mining Information.

Good luck with your mining adventure and see you soon!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How To Mine Bitcoin? - CEX.IO

A very warm hello to everybody. I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a new year full of happiness and opportunities.

Today I'd like to give information on a very efficient concept for Bitcoin mining. It's called "cloud mining", and it's really a revolutionary way to earn money from Bitcoin mining. As you might remember from my earlier post, Cryptocoin Mining, it is required to have hardware that is capable of powerful computing, like FPGAs and ASICs. These kind of hardware are on the market now, and you can even buy a USB block erupter that runs at 336 MH/s at 80 $ or so.

What CEX.IO offers is that you do not have to buy a hardware directly and you can mine your Bitcoins by buying GH/s, namely the mining hashrate. They have very professional mining equipment already installed. The only thing to do is to buy units (or fractions) of GH/s and start making profit. The registration is completely free and you can register here right now: CEX.IO Registration

After registration, you fund your account by sending Bitcoins or other types of altcoins to the wallet addresses found under the "Balance" tab. The miners not only mine Bitcoins in the process, but also they mine some altcoins like Namecoin, Ixcoin and Devcoin.

After funding your account, you can create a buy order for any amount of GH/s you like. You can even buy a 0.000001 unit of GH/s, which is essentially equivalent to 1kH/s. The greatest advantage of the system is that, you cannot buy a fraction of the actual mining hardware on the market, but you can even buy a modest amount of it with little funding and start mining directly here.

Another advantage is that you can buy and sell GH/s units whenever you want. There is a market of GHS/BTC on the website that runs continuously. You can sell your GH/s units when they are expensive, and if the Bitcoin price has also risen at the time, your earnings will increase a lot.

You can always withdraw your Bitcoins or other altcoins under the "Balance" tab by entering your wallet number after clicking "Withdrawal" button. You can also examine your earnings for Bitcoins and altcoins, deposits and withdrawals on the same page under "Transactions".
And here's a good tip for you: Why not to use the free Bitcoins you earned from the Bitcoin faucets and ad viewing websites that I have mentioned in my earlier posts, How to Earn Bitcoin? - Faucets and How to Earn Bitcoin? - Other Faucets and Ad Viewing, for buying Bitcoin miners on CEX.IO? By this way, you'll make money from free money. Think about it.

I hope I have helped you introducing this efficient method of Bitcoin mining today. See you soon.

Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Earn Bitcoin? - Other Faucets and Ad Viewing

Today we continue exploring the ways to earn free Bitcoins. My previous post, How To Earn Bitcoin? - Faucets, has drawn so much attention in the past few days. Therefore, I'd like to introduce some other faucets and ad viewing websites with you on your journey to the cryptocoin world.

Here are some noteworthy ones:
  • BitVisitor: Earn your free Bitcoins by viewing ads. You can use your Bitcoin wallet address to sign up. When you enter the captcha, you view the ad for only 5 minutes and you can earn up to several μBTCs. You don't have to view the ads carefully, it is enough to make sure that they are open for 5 minutes in your browser. Payment is sent for every 60 μBTC.
  • BitCoin4YOU: You can use your wallet address and start viewing ads immediately. Every ad runs for about four minutes and request a payment when you reach 4 mBTC.
  • CoinAd: Another good website for viewing ads. You can earn well by viewing 3-12 ads per day. A payment can be requested when you reach 0.3 mBTC.
  • BTCClicks: Just click the "Surf Ads" button and start viewing ads. You can view up to 10 ads per day and request a payment when you reach 0.1 mBTC.
  • BitcoinGet: You can earn several Bitcoins here when you complete tasks, watch videos and accept very special offers.
  • EarnCrypto: You can earn Bitcoins and several other altcoins here when you complete simple tasks.
  • CoinBooster: Earn up to 750 satoshis at this faucet every hour and cash out at 75000 satoshis.
  • REDCOINS: You can earn 500 satoshis every hour and payments are sent weekly when you reach 5430 satoshis.
  • CoinURL: Based on the pay per click system, shorten your link here and earn free Bitcoins when people click on them.
  • Bitcoins 4 Me: Earn free Bitcoins every hour here.
  • Some Earn-Per-30min Faucets: Free Bitcoins, Raw Bitcoins, FreeBTC4all, The Free Bitcoins, Virtual Faucet, FaucetBTC, BTC 4 You
If you keep entering these websites regularly, you can earn a good amount of free Bitcoins and use them to buy mining hardware. You can do this with the revolutionary cloud mining system of CEX.IO, which I will elaborate on my next article.

Until then, keep collecting free Bitcoins and have a good time!

Monday, December 16, 2013

How To Earn Bitcoin? - Faucets

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great day. Today I'd like to talk about earning free Bitcoin in a very, very easy way: Using faucets.

Yes, it is very easy to earn free Bitcoin from these kinds of websites. There are also some other websites where you have to fulfill a very easy task, such as watching a video or viewing an ad for a couple of minutes.

Right to the point, I'd like to introduce the websites where you can earn Bitcoin easily. Of course, before using any of them, you will need a Bitcoin wallet address, which can easily be obtained from MultiBit or Coinbase.

Here we go!
  • My very favorite. This website is a very lucrative and easy way to earn Bitcoin. All you have to do is to write the number shown into the box on the page. This will roll a number and you'll earn free Bitcoins easily depending on the magnitude of the number. You can earn free Bitcoins here every one hour. It also offers "multiply" option, where you can bet your Bitcoins and win more according to the multiplier you choose. For more information on, you can read my earlier blog Bitcoin Games.

  • HotSwap's Faucet: One of the most fruitful faucets. Just write your wallet number into the box and push the button. It gives you up to 3000 satoshis every hour. You can redeem your Bitcoins instantaneously when you reach 100000 satoshis and earn very good numbers in one week.

  • CleverPuffin: Another fruitful faucet. You can earn up to 2000 satoshis every hour and redeem your awards when you reach 60000 satoshis.
  • DailyFreeBitcoin: You can earn up to 500 satoshis every six hours and redeem your awards when you reach 10000 satoshis.
  • Daily Bitcoins: You can earn 100 satoshis every hour and redeem them when you reach 10000 satoshis.
  • MMOclub: You can earn up to 500 satoshis every hour and redeem them when you reach 10000 satoshis.
  • Land of Bitcoin: When you sign up, you'll earn free Bitcoins as long as the webpage is open in your browser. Pretty cool, isn't it? All you have to do is to click the "open the faucet" button.
  • Bitcoin Faucet: You can earn free Bitcoins here every six hours.
  • FreakFaucet: You can earn 50 satoshis every hour and redeem your awards when you reach 10000 satoshis here.
  • LTC4YOU: You can earn at least 40 μLTC every hour here on this fresh website.
Well, don't just wait, grab your Bitcoin wallet address and start earning free Bitcoin while they are available now!

I will continue to introduce other faucets and mini-task websites later in my blog. Have a nice day!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bitcoin Domain Flipping

Hello to everyone. I have explored the Bitcoin frenzy in my latest posts, today I'd like to make a smooth transition to more of Internet marketing and money making methods. Of course, I will continue to write on crypto-currency world, since I think that crypto-currencies will be a regular part of our lives in the future for trading goods like real-life money.

I'd like to talk about domain flipping today. I'll write on this subject more later, because it's a lucrative business like real estate business. Domain flipping is like gold mining. You have to explore what's on the agenda of the Internet today, and make a good estimation for the future. You have to find potential keywords that may become very popular in the future.

What I'd like to come to is, of course domain names related to Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are worth investing today. I have registered some domains related to crypto-currencies recently. I have used my local domain name registrant and GoDaddy. I will later mention other worthwhile registrants later when I explore domain flipping in detail.

After registering domain names, all you have to do is to sell them at a marketplace. I'm now using one of the local marketplace websites, GoDaddy Auctions and Sedo. Sedo is also one of the most established and trusted marketplaces for domain flipping on the Internet.

I have listed my three domains, and on GoDaddy Auctions. You can join the auction even right now on the website with a minimum bid of 50 $. I have also listed another domain I have registered,, on Sedo. I have not put this domain on auction yet, and I have listed it with a "buy now" option with an exclusive asking price of 299 $ I will later use the auctions on Sedo and give my review on that.

It is also a good idea to park your domains for higher visibility on the Internet. For example, after listing your domain on Sedo, you can park your domain by going to domain management page on your registrant's website, point the nameservers to and By this way, you can easily point the visitors to Sedo and make faster trading.

As of now, the auctions for and on GoDaddy Auctions are running. You're welcome to join them if you're interested in with a minimum bidding of 50 $ and if you want to make a fresh start to domain flipping business. Also you can consider buying a domain with high potential like on Sedo for an exclusive price of 299 $ for a limited time.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Coming Soon...

Dear readers,

Here are some new topics I would like to explore in the upcoming weeks:
  • Domain name market
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Traffic monetization
  • E-mail marketing
  • Smartphones
  • And many others...
You can always subscribe my blog on the right side of the page. You are welcome to make comments and ask questions.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bitcoin Games

Hello to everyone! After talking about the basics of cryptocoin market and mining, I'd like to talk about the fun side of this frenzy. Yes, it's about the chance games for cryptocoins.

You may remember I have talked about one of these already: This website offers you free Bitcoins and it is very easy to earn them. All you have to do is to sign up the website with your Bitcoin wallet address and roll a 4-digit number every hour. The prize increases logarithmically for number higher than 9885. If you hit 10000, which I have never hit yet even for a missed bet, you get the highest prize and this is in the order of 0.1-0.2 Bitcoins (pretty good, ha?). If your balance exceeds 54.6 μB, they send your payment to your wallet every Monday. I have tried this last week and they really paid my very 100 μB to my MultiBit wallet, so you can trust them.

While you're waiting for the next hour to roll the number for your free Bitcoins, the website offers you a chance to multiply your Bitcoins with a classic bet game. In this game, you set your bet amount and the payout multiplier first. The lowest multiplier is 2x and in this situation you have to bet for a number higher than 5250 or lower than 4750. As the multiplier increases, the lower limit for the high roll increases and the higher limit for the low roll decreases, so it becomes difficult to win. There is also another option in which you can add 0.02 μB to your bet to roll the number 8888 and win 100 μB. I have rolled 8888 two times up to now, but unfortunately I didn't include this optional jackpot bet in both situations. is also one of the established websites and the same high-low roll principles apply here. You can set your multiplier at more continuous levels on this website, however, it does not give You have to deposit your Bitcoins to your account. It also gives you a proof of the fairness of the game, you can see it when you click the "Fair?" tab. SatoshiDice is also another popular Bitcoin casino website where you send your Bitcoins and can start playing the game without an account. As of this writing, there has been 4,293,344 Bitcoins won on the website. The only thing to do is to let the Ghost of Satoshi roll the dice and pick a lucky number for you. If it is less than the number you choose, you win.
you free Bitcoins like

Although cryptocoin casino games have been for Bitcoin in general, games for other cryptocoins are also emerging. is a new website where you can earn free Litecoins by rolling a number each hour, just like However, jackpot and multiply options are not available yet.

For other Bitcoin casino games, you can check Bitcoin Dice. This website lists a good number of trusted websites for Bitcoin casino games.

Good luck with your bets!